Friday, August 11, 2006

More Fireworks

Thursday evening, Melody, our friend Lori, and I all met to go see the fireworks down in Kamakura. They really put on a good show, with multiple firing points out in the bay. We could see a boat going back and forth as they were shooting off the mortars, probably controlling the show. It went on for quite a while, too...probably almost an hour.

We basically just sat on the beach, ate some yakisoba noodles, and had a couple of beers. I set up my tripod and camera and took over 300 pictures. Experimenting with different exposures, I ended up with a few really good ones....It was a great show.

Once it got through, we packed up our mats and picked up our trash and headed home. On the way, we saw a guy dressed up in a thobe and shemagh looking like the typical guy in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. Intrigued, I started speaking to him in Arabic, and he, being Japanese, said in English, "Come with me."

He led us up some stairs and introduced us to some of his friends who were up on his roof having their own little party. We sat down, and had a couple of glasses of beer with the group. We had fun talking to them, and probably will get involved helping him teach some conversational English.

All in all, a really fun night.

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