Sunday, August 13, 2006

Getting Back Out There

Erik Trinidad, globetrotter extraordinaire, proprietor of the "Global Trip 2004" and a recent trip to Timbuktu, is headed back out on the road starting August 26. This time, it's another trip to Europe, starting in Spain for the Tomatilla, then to Greece, and finally Germany for Oktoberfest.

If this trip is anything like his others, it'll be filled with fun, frivolity, and something unpredictable. Be sure to check it out.

There's a sort of community that has sprung up with his blogs. Regular readers check in daily, and usually, a running conversation starts up in his comments section. Definitely, though, it's never a dull time with him.

Melody and I, along with our friend Lori, are planning a trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in the next few's in the embryonic stages now, but the basic plan is a week long overland trip to visit those three countries. Much of the time will be spent at Angkor Wat. We'll arrrived a couple of days early in Thailand to have a little time to kick around on our own before starting the group trip, and likewise on the end, we'll spend a couple of extra days in Saigon before heading back to Tokyo.

The trip will be something like the trip I took to Morocco back in '99, only this time, instead of a truck, the group will take different forms of local transport. It will be a bit less refined than the last trip (cruise in and around Tahiti) we took, but should be a great time.

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