Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Feature! Sand and Tsunamis Stuff!

We're embarking on a new feature here at Sand and Tsunamis...Merchandising.

Yes, that's right...We're plugging our Official Sand and Tsunamis Stuff. Get yer Official Sand and Tsunamis T-shirts! Get yer Official Sand and Tsunamis Coffee Mugs (both large and small sizes!!)! Get yer Official Sand and Tsunamis Greeting Cards! Get yer Official Sand and Tsunamis Refrigerator Magnets!! All for very reasonable prices that will fund future travels and blog entries.

I borrowed the idea from one of my favorite blogs, The Global Trip 2004 and Erik Trinidad who pushed his stuff and promised postcards from the road for those who supported him. We'll do the same for you...if you buy something, email us at sandandtsunamis at yahoo dot com with your address, and we'll get a post card in the mail to you. It might be of a limaceous sumo wrestler showing far too much of himself, but it will be a real postcard from Japan (or someplace else if we're there...). We do have future travels around the Pacific planned...who knows from where it might come.

We're starting with the fare offered at the Sand and Tsunamis Store, so surf on over. We'll add additional designs and items as we get the creative juices going. If you see something on that you'd like us to offer, let us know...If you've just been dying for that spaghetti strap tee-shirt with one of our cool pictures on it, we'll oblige! Check it out!!

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