Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On Vacation

We're in Houston right now, sitting in a coffee shop near Melody's parent's house. We've come here the past few days to get access to email and stuff, as well as veg. It is, after all, vacation. It's been great to be back in the States, but it's a little bit wierd to be able to read the street signs and stuff. And, of course, try finding a vending machine with beer in it! Impossible!

We head off to DC tomorrow for a few days, and will move on to Alabama to visit my parents following that. We'll head back to Japan in about a week and a half. Strangely, we miss Japan. It's really become home, and being here feels like we're tourists or something. But, we're adjusting.

We spent some time with our friends (and frequenters of the blog) Jerry and Stephanie the other night, along with their kids. I had them going that the restaurant we had supper at was serving monkey. But, the waitress, after initially going along with it, fessed up, and let them in on the joke. Oh well. It was a great time with some dear friends, though.

DC will be fun, and will be partially business, as we'll do some routine checking on the rental property we have there. We'll also get to see our buddies and some family there as well. We're excited to get back there after 2 years.

We'll likely post more, and hopefully some pictures as well. We plan on playing tourist for a little bit...

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