Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alexandria, VA

Now we're sitting in another coffee shop...seems to be the place to be while your on holiday to check mail. This time, we're in Alexandria, VA. We just got through checking on our rental property, and verbally discussed some updates to our condo once the current tenants leave in the summer time. We'll paint, of course, but we're going to update the counters in the kitchen, replace the stove, and we're kicking around the idea of moving the washer and dryer out of the kitchen and into a'll be a bit of investment, but worth it in the long run. Should add considerable value to the place, and of course, is write-offable.

DC doesn't seem to have changed fact, it feels like we never left in a way. We've been making the rounds seeing our old friends, the 7-11 staff, our drycleaner, our's been a lot of fun so far. Our friends Colin and Mel are throwing a little supper for us tonight as well. The best part will be seeing our god-dog, Charlie. We basically have dibs on him if his parents ever have to give him away.

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