Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Baltics (Latvia and Lithuania)

More business travel, this time to the Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania.  Interesting being in former Soviet states, especially while Russia is in a bit more aggressive posture than recent years past. Beautiful country, fantastic old town of Riga, and interesting side trips to Lithuania.  Only complaint...after getting used to an average speed on the highways of 130 kph (upwards of 80 mph) with sustained stretches at 160 kph (100 mph) not uncommon, the 90 kph max speedin these small countries made their relative size larger than necessary...I had a 12 hour driving day  that could have been cut down considerably.  Still, it was fantastic to visit a hithertofore unvisited place (for me, anyway).   Quick tip...Latvia is on the Euro, Lithuania is on their own currency, so you'll have to change money. And, it's bloody expensive.

Riga's Old Town

President of Lativa and the King of Sweden (older guy w/ glasses)
Latvia's First Lady

Lithuanian Sunset

Lithuanian Church

Riga Opera House

Latvia's Freedom Monument

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