Sunday, June 01, 2014


We squeezed in a family trip with the dogs to Amsterdam and Holland...very nice, and we stayed at quaint, boutique hotel called "The Neighbor's Magnolia" that was simply excellent. 

Amsterdam was very interesting, although we did have to explain to Isabella why certain women were in their underwear in the windows.  And truly, we did try to avoid "those" areas, just missed one that was not along the red marked area on the map.  Oh well.  Our Reisehunden enjoyed the beach as much as Isabella did, as well as the pancakes at Zaanse Schans.  All three of the kids (human and canine) fit in a gigantic wooden shoe.

And who knew they had windmills in Holland!?!

Rusty not too eager to climb the super steep steps

Die Reisehunden

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