Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bella's first fashion shoot

Finally, a more willing subject for my photographic pursuits than our willful dog, Oji. He's quite photogenic, but is somewhat reluctant to sit for pictures. He either wants to come sniff the camera, or he realizes I'm trying to get a shot, and runs off.

Our dear friends in Japan, Ginny and David of "Day at the Sumo Tournament" fame, sent Bella a really sweet gift. Ginny is a talented knitter, and she made Bella a dress and sweater. I set her up on a couple of pillows, and snapped away. In between some crying shots, and her about to fall over, we got a few good captures.

The dresses kind of swallow her so far, but we love them. The detail is incredible, and the fact that they were hand made for her is really, really special.

Thanks Ginny!

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blushpea said...

Bella is absolutely PRECIOUS - how adorable! The dresses are lovely too. :o)