Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Godzilla, now Giant Jellyfish?

First Godzilla, now Giant Jellyfish?

According to the Yomiuri newspaper, there is a plague of Giant Jellyfish that are “wreaking havoc” around the coast of Japan. As mentioned in the article,

“ Early on the morning of July 20 that year, Shinichi Ue, a professor of biological oceanography at Hiroshima University's Graduate School, was awakened by a student knocking on his cabin door on board a training ship as it made its way through waters off the Tsushima Strait.

"Doctor, there's trouble! The sea is full of jellyfish!" the student shouted.

Ue rushed up onto the deck, to find the Toyoshiomaru surrounded by a swarm of pink jellyfish. The ship plowed its way through a shoal of behemoth jellyfish for three hours before their numbers thinned out, he recalled. ”

The giant jellyfish ruin fishing nets by clogging them up, and damage the fish by stinging them with their tentacles, threatening the livelihood of thousands of fishermen.

Now might be the time to break out the Godzilla (Gojira) horn, or whatever they use to call him (her?) from the depths to save Japan from other gigantic menaces.


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