Thursday, March 16, 2006

While we were out on Sunday, the weather changed pretty drastically from nice to windy, to downright blustery. The windsurfers were out in force, though, and were really kicking through the waves on the bay.

The above picture was taken at dusk, over in Hayama, a town near our home. There's a Torii gate out in the ocean there, and after I saw a picture of it on, I had to go find it. The weather was getting bad by that time, and the wind was gusting so much that I couldn't keep the camera still while taking pictures. This one was actually cropped down and "fixed" using the MS Office Picture Manager program...It turned out almost like a painting. Click it to enlarge.

We spent the day with our "orphan" Army sergeant who had surgery recently causing her to miss her field training exercise. She came here about 2 weeks ago, but upon arrival, ended up getting ill, and was taken to the hospital at Yokosuka. A few days later, she had surgery, and has spent the last couple of weeks recovering. She was well enough to get out and about last weekend, so we played tour guide.

We hit the usual sights, the Daibutsu (AKA Big Buddha) and the Hase Kannon temple.

It was just pretty blustery again checking one of the weather sites, there are gusts of 90 miles per hour...the house just got blown by one of them, and it made the walls shake. Seems to have died down for now.

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