Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sofia Protests

While I've been in Sofia, and for the past several months, there have been protests against the government that was installed back in May.  A few weeks ago, they got somewhat violent (moreso than they have been), and a group of students locked themselves in the University a block or so away.

The protests happened daily when we were here in September, and have been nearly daily this trip.  The weather is quite cold, and I think that's taken some of the fight out of them.

Still, there have been a few manifestations.  A few nights ago, something got set on fire, but it was brief and rapidly went out or was extinguished.

Today, they were back out there. The main beef is government corruption, and the sitting government's refusal to call new elections.  It isn't as big as what's going on nearby in Kiev, but has been interesting to observe as an outsider.

I've been trying to get some photos, but am not getting too close.  I'm no photojournalist, and we've been instructed to stay away lest we get caught on camera or rolled up by the police for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While I was out early Saturday AM, there was no one around and I had a chance to look at the different props that they have out there.  A few tanks made of cardboard, some stars, posters, banners, and a lot of flags, mainly.  There must be some folks that stay, though, as there are several tents that haven't moved since September or before.

It's interesting to see this going on, especially as a foreigner...great, in a way, as 25 years ago, none of this would have been possible.  We've had nearly front-row seats to it, as our hotel is nearby.  Hopefully, grievances will be properly, and non-violently fixed; 

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