Sunday, September 22, 2013

Revisiting Ribeauville

On a recent long weekend, we went back to our new favorite place, Riveauville, France.  We were lucky to get a room at Le Clos St. Vincent again, as the weekend was the annual "Pfifferdaj" Medieval Festival.  

We also visited the Chateau du Haut Koenigsbourg, about thirty minutes away.  Sited atop a commanding mountain, it was a beautiful example of a classic medieval castle.  Bella initially enjoyed it, but when we got to the trophy room with heads of various creatures on the wall, she got a bit creeped out, so we hurried a bit through the remainder. 

In some ways it was a repeat of the first visit...taking the boys for walks in the vineyards, great food and wine, and the chance to just relax.  We all took advantage of their massage chairs, too.  Highly recommended.

Isabella didn't want to go to the parade in the old town, so Melody sent me on to try to capture it.  It was impressive, with elaborate floats, lots of marching bands using period instruments (lots of horns and drums), and even horseback acrobatics.  Bella's not too fond of crowds, and that, combined with some of the floats that tended to the dark and scary (orcish looking people, fighting, fake blood, pale women with whips,
children in cages), it was probably best that she stayed home and napped.

We made it there and back in good other words, no stops.  Upon arriving home, though, I finally sorted out what had been poking me in the backside the entire drive: our room key, which I'd neglected to return.  I called Emmanuel, the host, apologized profusely, and ran to the post office to get it in the mail.  
A few of the highlights are shown below...we're already looking forward to our next visit....

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