Sunday, July 21, 2013

Home Again...

Well, after an interesting year in Afghanistan, one, I'm back home in Germany, and have been able to spend a good three months getting reacquainted with my family and life in general in Europe.  We've done some good traveling, including Berlin, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and France.  All the time spent at the French hospital in Kabul helped, as I can clearly and practically without accent say, "Excuse me...My French is not so good."

I plan (again) to become more regular at posting, since we have a comparatively instant internet speed, compared to the "guaranteed" 16 kbps upload speed we had in our building in Kabul.  But, as Sherman once said...War is Hell.  I still have flashbacks when I see open bags of chips laying around.  The American people are quite generous with their care packages, even 12 years into this war thing.

So, stay tuned as this blog gets back into gear.  I'm working on transferring it to another site, and may double post as that procedure gets underway, and transition is complete.  This site hasn't been updated since 2006, so it's a bit overdue. 

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