Monday, August 27, 2012

August Street Photography (and a few other Camel Spiders)

A few photos from August.  I was able to do a bit of traveling, mostly around Kabul, but also up to Mazar e Sherif.  It was nice as always to get a change of scenery, although it was a lot hotter up there. Did have the experience of riding on a C-160 though, along with the necessity (opportunity?) to use the so-called "facilities" onboard, consisting of a pull out tray urinal and a curtain to shield the rest of the passengers from any exposure.  All I can say, is it was better than the alternative of sitting in a puddle.

Camel spider on the wall of the airport terminal

Little girl in the green zone

Students after school

More green zone kids

Mendicant woman

Local mosque

ISAF Sunrise

Mountains near MeS

Sunset on the terrace

Sunrise over barbed wire

Commuting..look closely...can you see the Baby?

Minivan Surfer

Spiral staircase


Hijab adjustements

Keeping down the dust

Off for recycling

Night bread market

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