Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kabul Street Shots Plus a Few Others

Managed to get out again yesterday, but had my trusty Nikon L10 camera instead of the better Canon.  I sprayed and prayed and ended up with about 350 photos, and managed to salvage seven through creative cropping and the usual tweaks in Lightroom.  Just got a book on the program, too, so maybe I can figure out what I'm doing.

Yesterday's photos...

About a week ago, we went out west to Herat, and I ended up with a few decent pictures from that trip as well.  As soon as we landed, I saw a minaret that was due to line up with the sunset, so we dropped our kit, and then ran to find a place to shoot it.  Of course, surrounded by a berm, it was difficult to find a place, but eventually, I hung off the side of a cargo shipping container and squeezed off a few shots.  As the short trip progressed, I made a few more keepers.

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