Thursday, February 11, 2010

Single Papahood

As many of you may know, Melody is on her way to Afghanistan for about 6 months. She left about 3 weeks ago, headed for Portsmouth, VA to finish some Navy requirements before flying to Seattle, WA and Fort Lewis for Army Training (ala "Stripes").

Isabella and I are thus on our own. So far, so good. Not to say that I haven't had help. Melody's cousin Mickie, and childhood friend Marilyn both reside in town, along with my cousin Rich, and Uncle Ed and Aunt Barb, who all live closer to Austin, have all been available if needed. We see Mickie and Marilyn pretty often, especially since Mickie is on retainer as our defacto veterinarian. She was Oji's vet, and is Charlie's as well. We feed her regularly in exchange for her veterinary expertise.

Interestingly, there seems to be a presumed incompetence when you mention that you're wife has headed off to war and left you with the baby. Everyone asks, "Are you going to be ok? Who's looking after Isabella?" I'd like to think I'm doing pretty well so far. She gets fed, bathed, taken to school, cuddled, read to, prayed with, and lots of love. It helps that she's a pretty user friendly baby, too. She's very adaptable. We talk to Mommy every day, and have video Skyped a few times as well.

We've settled into a pretty strict weekly routine, for both of our sakes. The predictability helps Isabella, and I can drive forward on those days when I'm smoked on something like muscle memory. It's working well.

We did take a trip to Florida last weekend (see upcoming post for more details), and plan on heading out to Seattle to see Melody fly off to Afghanistan in a couple of weeks.

Melody is chronicling her adventures at a blog as well, Check it regularly and add it to your favorites.

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