Thursday, December 24, 2009 may remember me from Sand and Tsunamis

Guess it's been a while since the last post.

Life just seems to happen, and when it does, some things have to take a back seat.

The past year has been a great one, filled with many blessings, and a few sad times as well. We covered the main one back in June, when Oji died. We've still got our moments when he comes to mind, but were sufficiently through our grieving enough by mid July that we went out to the Animal Defense League to browse. Well, we came back with a little Terrier mix initially called "Rudy" but who within a few days, became Charlie.

He's been a handful. Where Oji was sweet and sedate, and our "Training Baby," Charlie rapidly became our "Training Toddler." He has chewed to date (this list is not totally inclusive, just what comes to mind):
  • 2 bluetooth headsets
  • laundry baskets
  • laundry fabric hamper frames
  • windowsill
  • door
  • anything he can steal from Isabella's room
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • balls
  • stuffed animals (Isabella's)
  • wing chairs
  • lap desk
  • couch
  • bed
  • cordless phone
  • box full of Christmas presents
  • sticks
  • stones
  • acorns
  • diapers (clean)
  • diapers (dirty)
  • Blocks
  • remote controls
  • books
The list could go on, but Isabella's waking up from her nap.

Here's a picture of the little guy though (Isabella looks like she just woke up from a nap in his bed...that's not the case, I assure you)...he's a Rascal, but we love him. He's helped us get the house ready for Isabella who is now walking, babbling, and stealing our mobile phones and car keys. Just a good thing she can't yet reach the door knob!

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