Sunday, October 26, 2008

Redecorations by the Relocator

Melody and I came home this evening to find that the Relocator had sneaked into our house and done his mischief. We spent much of the day away, with Mass this morning followed by brunch followed by some grocery shopping. A brief stop at the house, and we were off again to Home Depot where we're working on some kitchen remodeling plans. By the time we grabbed a quick bite of supper it was nearly 7 PM, plenty of time for the Relocator to visit.

The first thing we noticed when we came in was a black furry dog with a big smile on his face. The next things we noticed were Melody's slippers, one Teva sandal, and a bra deposited at various points in the living room. And a prancing, smiling dog, obviously proud of his interior decorating skills.

Then, we moved back through the kitchen to the bedroom finding another shoe, and the wooden valet where we keep some frequently used clothes and where Melody lets her delicates dry upended on the floor. And more unmentionables spread around the bedroom. And again, the smiling interior decorator, grinning up at us and full of himself.

While we appreciated his efforts, we think we're doing ok without his assistance. To his credit, he's very gentle. None of the items relocated were in the least harmed. Just kind of moist and drooly.

As a reward for his efforts we went for an almost four mile walk to try to refocus his enthusiasm. Once we got back, he took a drink, ate his supper, and proceeded to get into one of his frenzies, running around the house like a crazy dog. Trying to get over to the back door to let him out, he smacked his head right into my shin. Didn't even phase him. He bolted out the door and ran around the back yard for a few laps, and then dug up one of his old hextras that he takes out there to marinade or something. Mmmm...old half chewed piece of dried cow skin. How appetizing.

That settled him down, though, and after munching through a new hextra, he's snoozing comfortably on his blanket. I look at him, laying there, and there's no way to get mad at him. He is a fine, fine beast.

We've regarded Oji as something of a "Practice Baby." Some days, we marvel at his ability to sleep for most of the entire day. Other days, like today, we learn the hazards of leaving him for too long. It is never dull, though...that's for sure. And we're really glad he doesn't have thumbs.

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