Friday, August 01, 2008

Have it your way, or not...

A conversation I had a couple of weeks ago at the Burger King drive-thru...

BK: Welcome to Burger King. May I take your order?

Me: Yes...I'd like a Number Seven please.

BK: What kind of drink?

Me: I'd like a large, Iced Black Coffee.

BK: I'm sorry...we don't have that.

Me: I see you have the "BK Joe" which is iced coffee with milk and sugar...can you just make it black?

BK: I'm sorry. We can't do that.

Me: Do you have ice?

BK: Yes.

Me: Do you have a large cup?

BK: Yes.

Me: Do you have hot coffee?

BK: Yes.

Me: Can you put that ice in the cup and put the black coffee on top of the ice?

BK: No sir. We can't do that.

Me: Really? You can't? You have all the parts...can't you just put them together?

BK: No sir.

Me: *sigh* OK...a large unsweet iced tea, I guess...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow Dave - that sounds almost like you were back in Japan...

Hope things are going well with you two. We are now back in Sierra Vista, AZ, and very happy we are not in Zama anymore. I sure wish we coulda got together that last week you were in BOQ before you cleared, but I guess things just didn't line up right.