Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everywhere Magazine (Updated based on comments)

Paul, one of our good friends directed me to a recently launched new travel magazine. It's called Everywhere, and it relies on content that is submitted to its website from regular folks. Contributions are submitted, voted on in a peer review process, reviewed by the staff, and, if selected, grace the pages of the print magazine. It's a pretty novel idea, frankly.

I signed up and have submitted a few photos. The nice thing is that you retain the rights to your creations, and if they choose something that you post, you get paid for it as well. Sort of like breaking into the big leagues.

Everwhere Magazine


Telstar Logistics said...

Hi, and thanks for the blog post. One quick correction... Everywhere doesn't have any staff writers or photographers. Zero. The whole magazine is created from submissions by the Everywhere community. Thanks for participating!


Todd Lappin
Everywhere Magazine

Dave and Melody said...

Thanks, Todd...I've updated the post to reflect that!

Looking forward to getting my first edition in the mail...