Monday, March 24, 2008

Tanuki Wrestling

During these last few weeks in Japan, I have seen more local fauna than in the previous three years combined. Other than birds, of course.

The crappy video below is a couple of tanuki who were fighting up and down and in the middle of the road a few nights ago. I was on the way to meet Melody for some Mexican food at El Bigote (The Mustache - not The Bigot). As I walked up the road, there was commotion in the bushes along side, and two tanuki came rolling out. I couldn't tell if it was a real fight or if they were just playing around, but they ranged up and down the side of the hill until the came to be in the middle of the street. Just then a car drove up, catching them in the headlights. They paused in their struggle, and then scampered off into the underbrush again. The video catches this moment.

About ten seconds after they ran off, one of them came back down the hill, and stopped in the street about 20 feet from me. He checked me out, figured I had nothing to offer, and ran off down the street.

First hakubishin, now tanuki! What's next? Whatever it is, it better hurry...I'm out of here in two weeks.

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