Monday, December 31, 2007

Erik Trinidad's Latest Travels

One of our favorite FOSTs (Friend of Sand and Tsunamis), Erik Trinidad, is back out there on what has been dubbed the "Central American Eviction Tour." The lease on his apartment expired, and the landlords have decided not to renew in order to transform it into some ultra-luxurious development. Not one to take life's curveballs without taking a swing, he decided to turn homelessness into an opportunity for more travel.

So, he's making his way through Central America. Having started in Belize, he moved on to Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and now is in Columbia.

As you follow along, note that in the comments in the "Going Eco" post. He apparently got shot...not sure what that means, because, with Erik it could be anything. Still, he was away from the blog for a while, and is working on getting it updated.

Head back to the start when you have some time, and travel along. If this is your first time with Erik, be sure to check out his Global Trip 2004 blog, where he spent 503 days on the road, and blogged about each day. It's well worth whatever time it takes you to get through.

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