Friday, January 11, 2008

Erik Trinidad Got Shot

For a few weeks now, we dedicated followers of the hero of The Global Trip, Erik Trinidad, have been anxiously awaiting the resolution of a cryptic message in the comments saying that Erik had been shot in Columbia (the country, not the University). There was a flurry of concerned reaction from readers followed by assurances of his wellbeing by Steph, his traveling companion.

It's all true. But fortunately, it didn't happen in the typical way one thinks about shootings in Bogota, Columbia. As it turns out, Erik had the opportunity to interview Miguel Caballero, a well known creator of designer bulletproof clothing. Part of the deal though, if you're interviewing Senor Caballero, is that you test his products. So, Erik and Steph both got the up close and personal demonstration of how well the clothes work.

Read the entry. Watch the video. Be amazed. And if you need to, buy a bulletproof jacket.

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