Monday, May 21, 2007

Silk Road Trip Day 9 - Jiayuguan

Just a very quick entry to catch you up on the past couple of days...
Long story short, we spent most of yesterday (20 May) on the road from Xiahe to Lanzhou where we caught the night train to the desert town of Jiayuguan.  We dropped our bags at the hotel, grabbed a "bland" breakfast (so described by the Rough Guide - China), and went to the big fort on the other side of town.  We also climbed the Hanging Great Wall, nearby, and checked out some ancient tombs. 
We'll be in town until tomorrow.  I'm working on getting the days caught up.  Thought I'd be able to upload some pictures today, but no luck.  USB Port - check.  Connecting the camera to the computer?  3 systems later, still couldn't make it go.  So, hopfully tomorrow...Thanks for the patience.

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