Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Site for you to check out

Last week, on my way to work, I ran into a gentleman at the 7-11 carrying a Canon 5D camera and professional looking tripod. As an amateur photographer (and, admittedly, suffering from a bit of camera lust), I stopped briefly to introduce myself and chatted with him for a moment. Mr. Sakai, is a local professional photographer; I had actually seen some of his work at a kitschy furtniture store down the street from us. Having been thoroughly impressed with the quality, I was excited to meet him in person.

His work is almost exclusively local to our neighborhood, and he has a website where he posts daily pictures. From the looks of it, hes out there every day, and practically all day, rain or shine. Ill permalink him to our blog when I have a chance, but in the meantime, if youd like to see his pictures, and get a feel for some of the beauty in the area where we live, go here.

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Dave and Melody said...

I actually made his site the other day. Sunday morning, I stopped to take some pictures of the sunrise before heading to mass. I saw him wandering around, but, not having much time, I decided not to engage in conversation. Later on, though, I was checking his site, and there I was...camerabag slung over my shoulder, taking a picture of someone fishing a short way down the beach. It's strange seeing myself on someone else's site...but cool. Thanks!