Saturday, September 23, 2006

Day of Body Boarding

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the beach near our house. While Melody went for a run along the shore, I took to the water for some bodyboarding. Due to a passing typhoon, the waves were really nice... Of course, that also meant lots of surfers and thus, lots of traffic, but since we walked, it didn't slow us down.

The weather was perfect...sunny, and about 70 degrees or so. Still, I wore a wetsuit, if for no other reason than all the surfers were wearing theirs. Call it peer pressure, or maybe me just figuring that if they were wearing theirs, there was probably a good reason to do so.

I hit the water, and spent about an hour out there, catching a few good rides. The trips in were fun, but that usually meant paddling back out while there were still a few big waves coming in. That meant duck diving under them, or getting rolled as they crashed on top of me. Some were pretty big...or at least seemed so from down there.

Overall, a great afternoon. Much of the time was spent trying to stay out of the way of the surfers, but, there were a 4-5 of us bodyboarders out there, all managing to catch a few good rides.

After her run, Melody came and we sat on the beach together. It was quite relaxing, and a simply beautiful day. We just hung out for a while, and I went back out for another 30 min or so.

After getting our fill of sunshine, sand and surf, we headed back home. Along the way, we saw a couple with 5 beagles. We'd seen them before, and they were making a racket, howling in that beagley way that they do. That evening, it was no different.

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