Sunday, January 08, 2006


In the course of the past few weeks, I've taken a few pictures with the phone that I believe (hope) are blog-worthy...Behold:

The Daihatsu "NAKED" Possibly the strangest name for a car that I've ever heard.

For those of you concerned about your weight, but who still love the taste of beer:

**"Nama" = Draft

The ultimate in convenience food...A French Fry Vending Machine. I LOVE this country!!

Put your money in the slot, make your selection, and for 120 seconds of patience, you're rewarded with some slightly soggy but definitely french fry-y french fries.

And the finished product wasn't bad at all...

We saw this little statue and it reminded us of our friend Colin back in VA. Not that he's short and made of ceramic, but he's a crusty sailor man who is often seen walking around with a mug (and we mean that with great respect and admiration).

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